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     Alexander Weber 

    Level system

    Hey i’ve got another idea.
    I’m gonna keep it simple:

    You get Points for finishing missions like it is already.
    But instead of leveling automatically you get the chance to decide to what to buy or when to level up or not.
    You basically have a Leveling-System with Buy-Option so for example you make it to Level 2 which costs you for example 600 Points, the thing now is you wont get instantly everything from level 2 you either decide to just level up to 3 with another amount of Points or you buy something that is include in Level 2 like weapons equipment ect.

    Kept it short, hope it gives some ideas.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by  Beneris.
     Alexander Weber 

    Introducing a new Role: BREACHER

    Well the Name explains it already. Hes the guy to go in first… what’s the difference to others:

    – High Armor Vest
    – Flashbang – Incendiary Grenades
    – Weapons:

    Fun role to play, in my expirience is this class a good addition to a squad and sure it looks like its not very usefull on longer ranges but trust me in the right hand it will be deadly in every way.


    Thanks for suggestion Weber

    You are right “…its not very useful on longer ranges…”, that role can be used only on short distances/cities.
    If some players choose switch to this role only when mission are in big city, by changing the role we waste our command points.
    But if there is some guy who want run witch pistol and shield till 2 lvl, yes we can do that.


    Sniper loadout:

    Lvl 0:
    -rhsusf_5Rnd_762x51_m993_Mag x 15
    -rhsusf_5Rnd_762x51_m62_Mag x 15

    lvl 1:

    lvl 2:

    lvl 3:
    What’s the difference between
    rhsusf_ANPVS_15 and rhsusf_acc_premier_anpvs27 ?

    lvl 4:

    lvl 5:

    lvl 6:

    lvl 7: ok

    lvl 8:
    -rhsusf_mag_10Rnd_STD_50BMG_mk211 x 9

    I can comment on “why” at request.


    What’s the difference between rhsusf_ANPVS_15 and rhsusf_acc_premier_anpvs27 ?



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